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Building, Planning Zoning

Building Department
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Register of Deeds
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Zoning Ordinances

Registrar of Deeds

Address: Room 145, 129 Screven Street, Georgetown, S.C. 29440 Phone: (843)545-3088 Fax: none Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday(except for legal holidays), recording stops at 4:45 p.m. Mailing address: P.O. Box 421270, Georgetown, SC 29442-4200 Point of Contact: Wanda Prevatte, Registrar of Deeds

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Department Functions:

This Office Does Not:


A person preparing a document for recordation or filing in the official records may not include a social security, driver’s license, state identification, passport, checking account, savings account, credit card, or debit card number, or PIN code, or passwords in the document, unless expressly required by law. An individual has a right to request a register of deeds or Clerk of Court to remove from an image or copy of an official record placed on a publicly available Internet website used by a register of deeds or clerk of court to display public records, any number as above mentioned contained in an official record. The request must be in writing and delivered by mail, facsimile, or electronic transmission or in person, to the register of deeds or clerk of court. The request must specify the identification page number that contains the information to be redacted. There is no fee for the redaction pursuant to request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long has Georgetown County kept these records? A: Property transfers and mortgages date back to the late 1860s.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of a deed or other recorded document? A: The office provides copies of records for 50 cents per page (8-1/2 x 14 or smaller) or $1 for larger, (11x17) being the largest size available at this time.

Q: How do I locate a deed? A: The information is located by approximate date of sale and the seller (grantor) or buyer (grantee) as listed on the deed.

Q: How do changes in property affect the Registrar’s office? How do I record the changes? A: This office maintains the "public record" or the "official" property records. Title companies will not insure loans on real property unless a title search has been completed by an attorney or representative of the attorney. As the official record, this information provides information for the development of tax rolls. The owner must provide the written information to the office staff.

Q: How do I acquire a copy of my mobile home title? A: The Department of Motor Vehicles records titles for mobile homes. Contact their office for more information, (843)546-8730.

On-Line Forms:

Additional Information:

Basic Recording Fees:

Please note: New UCC filings in the Register of Deeds Office should be for real estate related documents only.

The UCC filing fees are as follows:

The UCC filings will be indexed in the mortgage index as well as continuations, releases, and terminations of those UCCs. Termination of old UCCs will continue to be in the UCC index until we are no longer required to maintain the UCC index.

Common Terms:


The Register of Mesne Conveyance Office (now known in many counties as the Register of Deeds) has origins in colonial South Carolina under the state’s Office of the Secretary and Register of the Province. Some records of real estate transactions date back to the 1670s (however not in Georgetown County). Continuous records begin in 1719 in some areas. In 1731, a separate land registry began to show all real property transactions for the entire state. In 1839, the State declared the Clerk of Circuit Court as the RMC in each of the state’s districts except for Charleston and Georgetown. Then in 1896, the State of South Carolina abolished the RMC offices. The duties devolved upon the Clerks of Court. However, Charleston and Greenville counties retained their RMC offices.

In more recent years other counties have reinstated the offices of the RMC. Georgetown County and the State established the office of the Register of Mesne Conveyance as a separate office from the Clerk of Court in July 1996. However, the Clerk of Court managed the office until January 1998. The State also changed the name officially to the Register of Deeds with an allowance for any current elected official the option of maintaining the historical name of Register of Mesne Conveyance. Presently, there are approximately sixteen counties having separate Registers.

This definition is part of our Essential Guide: Develop copy management systems for streamlined production
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Contributor(s): Erin Sullivan

A storage snapshot is a set of reference markers for data at a particular point in time. A snapshot acts like a detailed table of contents, providing the user with accessible copies of data that they can roll back to.

Amazon S3 in the spotlight: Your 34-page backup guide

In this guide curated by the editors, you’ll evaluate and overcome the DR tradeoffs associated with Amazon S3, with guidance on solidifying an AWS backup plan and securing S3 buckets. Download your copy now.

Each snapshot uses a differencing disk -- a virtual hard disk () -- that stores changes made to another virtual disk or the guest operating system . This VHD intercepts all future write operations and leaves the original data in an unaltered state. Snapshots have parent-child relationships and form a . Each snapshot taken creates another branch of the tree.

Snapshots are generally created for data protection , but they can also be used for testing application software and data mining . A storage snapshot can be used for disaster recovery when information is lost due to human error or data corruption .

There are several types of storage snapshots.

Copy-on-write snapshots store metadata about the location of the original data without copying it when the snapshot is created. These snapshots are created almost instantly, with little performance impact on the system taking the snapshot. This enables rapid recovery of data in case of a disk write error, corrupted file or program malfunction. Data in a copy-on-write snapshot is consistent with the exact time the snapshot was taken, hence the name copy-on-write. However, all previous snapshots must be available if complete archiving or recovery of all the data on a network or storage medium is required. Every copy-on-write process requires one read and two writes; data needs to be read and written to a different location before it is overwritten.

Clone or split-mirror snapshots reference all the data on a set of mirrored drives. Each time the Arcopedico VitoriaWomens Black/Pewter Leather Browse Sale Online ezrh6Xs
is run, a snapshot is created of the entire volume , not only of the new or updated data. This makes it possible to access data offline, and simplifies the process of recovering, duplicating or archiving all the data on a drive. This is a slower process, and each storage snapshot requires as much storage space as the original data.

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Social media continues to prove itself every day as one of the most promising and effective channels of communication for businesses across all industries. For B2Bs, leveraging this surge in social media to attract the right customers at the right time is incredibly important, and LinkedIn is increasingly becoming one of the best ways to do so. For social media content related to business, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the go-to social platform, and rightfully so - the platform’s career-oriented focus and structure is ideal for thought leadership and makes it a perfect network for users to share professional insights.

According to eMarketer, 72% of US business professionals think LinkedIn is the most effective platform to exchange professional ideas and interests, and 77% consider it to be the social platform where they expect to see professional content:

While you might understand the importance of an established LinkedIn company page for your business, it can be more difficult to determine what best practices to follow in order to grow your page organically. To discover the most efficient ways to achieve the kind of growth your brand is looking for, we’ve asked 10 industry experts to share their favorite growth tips. By employing these tactics, businesses everywhere can expect substantial increases in the value of their Free Shipping Cheapest Price Prices Online Robert Talbott Henley Double MonkstrapMens Tan Leather Latest Cheap Price Professional Online Buy Cheap New Arrival vEv5Z

1. Craft Creative Posts

The content you post on your company profile should be creative, compelling, and provide your readers with content they can’t find anywhere else, explains Carly Fauth, Director of Marketing and Outreach at

-Carly Fauth, Director of Marketing Outreach,

2. Build a Consistent Brand

Your company's branding should be reflected on your social media platforms—especially LinkedIn. Rachel Neppes, Vice President and Co-Manager of Digital Strategy at Buchanan Public Relations, explains how to foster this sort of brand recognition:

-Rachel Neppes, Vice President and Co-Manager of Digital Strategy, Buchanan Public Relations

3. Share Content Relevant to Your Industry

Kate Endres, Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist at Blue Fountain Media, highlights the significance of posting content that isn't overly promotional and provides value to readers:

-Kate Endres, Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist, Blue Fountain Media

4. Schedule Time for LinkedIn

When the work day is busy, posting your insights on LinkedIn can easily be overlooked. Jennifer Vickery, President at National Strategies Public Relations, explains that scheduling time during the day to post is critical:

-Jennifer Vickery, President, National Strategies Public Relations

5. Leverage Social Signals

LinkedIn offers a widget that can be embedded on websites to create an easier transition from your page to your LinkedIn profile, explains Brett Farmiloe, Founder of Markitors:

-Brett Farmiloe, Founder, Markitors

6. Join LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn as a true networking tool by actively communicating with others in your industry will help grow your company’s profile. Andrew Jung, Corporate Marketing Associate at Blue Fountain Media, offers the following advice:

-Andrew Jung, Corporate Marketing Associate, Blue Fountain Media

7. Gamify Article Sharing

Cultivating a dissemination-centric company culture by gamifying research and article sharing can prove successful. Matthew McAlister, Content Marketing Manager at Novus, describes this concept below:

-Matthew McAlister, Content Marketing Manager, Novus

8. Think About Search Engines

When optimizing your LinkedIn page for growth, considering SEO best practices as you develop content is important in order to achieve measurable growth, says Jason Abrahams, Vice President of Marketing at Root3 Growth Marketing:

-Jason Abrahams, Vice President of Marketing, Root3 Growth Marketing

9. Promote Your Profile With Every Email You Send

To increase the amount of users that visit your profile on LinkedIn, include a link to it in the signature of your emails, suggests Andrea Mocherman, VP of Marketing at Gravit8 Marketing:

-Andrea Mocherman, VP of Marketing, Gravit8 Marketing

10. Get Employees Involved in Group Conversations

Getting users to not only share your company's content, but actively inject it into a variety of different group conversations across LinkedIn is a great way to build your brand’s LinkedIn reach. Megan Biondi, Social Media Marketing Specialist at Blue Fountain Media, discusses why this is so helpful:

-Megan Biondi, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Blue Fountain Media

Establishing a Strong LinkedIn Presence for your B2B

A LinkedIn company page is the key to communication with your stakeholders that are looking to be enlightened and learn as much as possible about your brand. By implementing some of these tips into your brand’s social media strategy, you can effectively grow your user base, ultimately leading to an increase in sales for your brand overall.


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